Services - Water & Sewage

Water damage is hazardous to your health and dangerous for your home or business, therefore time is of the essence when it occurs. When treated by Extreme Restoration quickly, you can minimize the damage, reduce restoration costs and prevent the growth of mold, and other contaminants. Immediate Action is important. Your home or business and its content are less likely to grow mold if they are dried within 48 hours. Rapid response and the proper application of water extraction equipment can significantly reduce your loss and limit the amount of down time for your operation.

Extreme Restoration's drying equipment will pull water from floors, walls and contents thereby reducing the amount of loss and limiting further difficulties such as mold and permanent structural damage from warping and other effects of water and humidity.


  • Sewage & Water Extraction
  • Anti-Microbial Application
  • Moisture Mapping
  • Xactimate Billing



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